A group of CSHers standing in front of a lake
A CSH member stands at a terminal in the CSH server room
CSHers crowd around a rock painted red with a CSH logo on it in white
A sign that reads Science House with CSHers in the background. Taken at Fall Camping 2019
CSHers pose for a group photo after Holiday Dinner 2019
A group of CSHers at Fall Camping 2019
a man looks through a microscope to solder with a large screen on the left showing the circuit board being soldered

Getting more done after 2am than most people do all day.

A group of CSHers at our annual camping trip

Since 1976, Computer Science House has provided a revolutionary living and learning environment for its members. With unique facilities, an emphasis on hands-on learning, and a strong social atmosphere, CSH helps its members grow as professionals and more.

More about CSH

Things we're working on ...

A picture of CSH's server racks

Server room upgrade

Bringing our servers up to date with the help of Wayfair.

TUNES, an old jukebox that's being made digital


Modernizing a jukebox

A LED matrix that makes up CSH's Infosys


An information display system

A raspberry pi and pencil sharpener on the wall, CSH's letmein system


A physical notification system for members

Some facts about us ...


Active Members

Who make up the heart of our community.


Greatest Hack

Of all time (as ranked by PCMAG in 2008) was the creation of CSH's internet-connected drink machines.



Provide current CSH members with a large network of knowledge and professional connections.


Rooms on-floor

In RIT's Fredericka Douglass Sprague Perry Hall, a hub of campus life.


Special-purpose rooms

That provide members with spaces to work on projects, hang out, or study.